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KANİLTEK (Cancer Drug Technologies) project has been established by a three year long support from DPT (Governmental Planning Organization). The Project was proposed by Bilkent University in collaboration with Hacettepe University, Koç University and Middle East Technical University.

The subject of KANİLTEK project is discovery of new anti-cancer drug candidates and development of these until preclinical phase studies. The project aims at gene-targeted anti-cancer drug development such that the treatment potentials of natural plant chemicals, synthetic chemicals, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and siRNA-lentiviruses will be assessed in their effect on selected target proteins and genes that are known to be abnormally activated or over expressed in cancer. In recent years, this type of target-driven drugs has become the driving force of modern biotechnology based drug industry. The annual sales of such a drug is around a billion dollars. Consequently, the market values of biotechnology product molecules of high potential that are in preclinical phase studies currently remain high. Due to these reasons and considering the country advantages, a large scope project aiming at new drug discovery has been proposed.